Notifications is a service for comparing prices with the ability to make a purchase at the best price using our service, as well as a membership club giving its members free shipping and many bonuses.

Our service provides a wide variety of products. Here you can find clothes, shoes, household items, electronics, parts for cars and bikes, products for your pets and much more. 

Our service gives you the following benefits:

  1. You can quickly view product reviews and clarify details.

  2. Product comparisons take place on the best sites around the world.

  3. All the best online sites are presented in our service (Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Joom. DhGate)

  4. Only with the help of our service you can purchase the goods in the most profitable way. Now you do not need to look through various prices and think where it is more profitable. We did it for you!

  5. Joonlo service helps you buy products at significant discounts.

  6. Not sure if the offer is good? A comparative table with prices will always come to your aid and you will be able to track how profitable it is to take the goods today.

  7. Joonlo always tells you if the seller is problematic.

Facing problems after payment? Is the product incorrect or a suspicious seller? Our service will help you find out more about the seller!

How it works?

  • At first you need to Register with just a few clicks

  • Than you need to Log in to Joonlo

  • Now you can buy goods at the best price from a reliable seller!

What can Joonlo do?

  • Real seller rating 

  • Quick review of reviews 

  • Transparent registration 

  • Product price history 

  • Best price monitoring 

Subscription Benefits

The service works by subscription and costs 99 Euro per year.

  • Save up to 50% on shopping

  • Immediate access to the database

  • Access to all articles

  • One Time offer

  • Test for 3 days free of charge and cancel at any time *Afterwards membership for 99 per year (corresponds to € 8.33 per month)

  • SEPA DD & other accepted payments

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